American Sleep Disorder Association: Groups that are Available to Help

by: Mike Jerry

For those with sleep disorders, there are groups out there, like the American Sleep Disorder Association, that are interested in helping you. They do so by researching the causes of sleep disorders, researching cures to sleep disorders, and offering support for people afflicted with sleep disorders. If you are interested in joining one of these groups, you should search online for them. After all, sleep problems affect many people and those affected should have a place to go to get help. Here are the benefits to sleep disorder associations.

Finding Causes

Finding the cause of sleep disorders is problematic. The challenge is to figure out the reason why a person has the problem that they do, and how it is consistent with all of the other people who suffer from the problem. For this purpose, you can actually help sleep disorder researchers by being a patient for them. Let them know exactly what your symptoms are and, possibly, allow them to run tests on you to see if they can pinpoint the cause. Additionally, you can help them by supporting their research financially. Because most of these groups are not-for-profit, they rely on donations to pay for the research they do. The more actively involved you are, the higher the chance of these organizations finding the causes. Once the causes are found, they can begin finding cures.

Finding Cures

Finding cures to sleeping disorders can be a great challenge. When causes are unknown, it is difficult to find a solution. Some diseases, like sleep apnea, are very challenging to find cures for because a person canít necessarily take a drug to cure a physical ailment. It is difficult to simply find a sleep apnea symptom (until it is too late). Then, there are also sleeping conditions, like psychological insomnia, that doesnít have a physical cure: it is purely a problem in a personís mind. The best thing a person can do is, again, to participate in an organization like the ASDA and assist them in finding cures to sleep problems.

Offering Support

Because sleep is so crucial to a healthy human being, losing sleep can cause more than just restlessness. There are many sleep-related problems, such as day dreaming, that can be crippling to a person working full time. When you donít get enough sleep at night, your brain has a harder time performing neural synapses, you are more prone to stress and depression, your body has less opportunity to eliminate toxins, and your eyes are overly stressed from allowing too much light in without sleep. Therefore, it is nice to be able to go to a group that will allow you to discuss your problems in a friendly, confidential environment.

Additionally, it is especially beneficial because all of these people share your problems, so they can not only relate to you, but they can potentially offer you advice. Finally, it is a great opportunity to make friends and acquaintances.

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