Natural Sleep Aids to Cure Your Insomnia

by: Laura K Milton

What exactly is Insomnia?

Insomnia can be defined as having difficulty falling and staying asleep. It encompasses a variety of sleeping disorders from a lack of the amount of sleep you get to a lack of quality of sleep.There are three categories of insomnia

Transient insomnia where sleeplessness lasts for several days to a couple of weeks
Acute insomnia where the sleep disorder lasts for several weeks
Chronic insomnia where the condition lasts for month's even years. Who is affected by Insomnia?

This sleeping disorder is found to affect people of all ages but there is evidence to suggest that women do commonly suffer more from insomnia than men. People suffering from a variety of medical conditions such as anxiety and depression, debilitating diseases, obesity and a weak immune system can increase the chances of suffering from sleep disorder and for longer periods of time.

Insomnia Causes

Sleep deprivation from insomnia can be brought on by both psychological and physiological conditions. Transient insomnia may occur due to current events taking place in one's life. The more serious chronic insomnia may well be the result of an underlying medical condition.

Some causes of insomnia include;

Substance abuse of drugs and alcohol
Prescription medications
Jet Lag
Changes in your daily schedule
Your health
Hormonal changes
Even your sleeping environment

Do you have a Sleeping Disorder?

While suffering from insomnia may be an indication of health issues how do we know if we are actually suffering from insomnia? What are the tell tale signs?

Finding it hard to fall asleep every night
Waking during the night sometimes repeatedly and then struggling to get back to sleep
Waking too early in the morning then just lying there awake
Never feeling rested and tired in the mornings
Sluggish and fatigued throughout the day
Stress, anxiety and depression
Inability to concentrate
Feeling sick every morning
Worrying about your lack of sleep

How to treat your sleeping disorder

Firstly if you are concerned for your health you should consult with your health care provider. Quite often their recommendations will be for medical treatment such as prescription sleeping pills, anti-depressants and over the counter sleep aids. These solutions may work for some people but can also make a bad situation worse for many.

Treating your insomnia naturally is preferable as you can find the root of your problem, learn to deal with it, treat it and prevent it from happening in the future all the while avoiding the possibility of developing a dependency on drugs and their possible side effects.

Natural Sleep Aids

There are numerous natural approaches one can take to combat sleep disorders.
Such as;

Creating the perfect sleep environment - Comfort, setting, temperature and light
Setting a sleep regimen - keep a rigid schedule, only use your bed for sleep and romance
Lifestyle changes - Get daily exercise avoid caffeine, alcohol and smoking especially at night
Use relaxation techniques - meditation, self hypnosis, light therapy, muscle relaxation
Manage your stress and anxiety
Color therapy or "chromo therapy"
Herbal remedies and supplements

Taking the more holistic approach can be a life altering experience and open you up to a whole new way of living. To overcome your sleep disorder, learn some of the techniques mentioned above and find out which natural sleep aids work for you.

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